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Divinity Road Residents’ Association (Oxford, UK)

Save Bartlemas Conservation Area

SAVE BARTLEMAS CONSERVATION AREA – Update and Appeal, March 2011

From: Bartlemas Action Group

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to all of you who have supported the campaign to save the Bartlemas Conservation Area and opposing plans by Oriel College to build student accommodation units there. So far we have been successful in stopping further damaging development in the Area since Sinnet Court was built.

However, the campaign goes on. Local residents, supported by DRARA, gave critical evidence to the Planning Inspector at the latest Public Hearing in February following Oriel’s appeal against Oxford City Council’s second refusal in April 2010 to allow planning permission for student accommodation units in the area. We are now waiting to hear the Inspector’s decision.

Fighting these proposals at Appeal means employing professional people to provide the expertise we need and that then means having to fundraise to cover costs. To this end we are organising two fundraising events in the coming months for the Bartlemas Action Fund. We really hope you will be able to attend these in the Bartlemas Chapel and support the Bartlemas Fund. Please see the attached for full details.

In addition we would be extremely grateful to receive personal donations from local residents and supporters to the Bartlemas Action Fund. Please consider giving as much as you feel is right to help us raise this money. We need to raise approximately £2,000 to cover current costs.

Thank you for your support in helping to protect the Bartlemas Conservation Area and enhance the local environment. And please contact me on 01865 723323 if are willing to help.

Richard English – Chair, Bartlemas Action Fund (with support from Divinity Road Area Residents’ Association).
Send donations to: Richard English (Chair – Bartlemas Action Fund), 28 Warneford Rd, Oxford OX4 1LU or to Anne Hall (Treasurer), 16 Southfield Rd, Oxford OX4 1NZ
Please make any cheques payable to Bartlemas Action Fund.

“Old News” follows
The Bartlemas Appeal Hearing will be on 15th and 16th February 2011 in the Town Hall and more details about this will be sent nearer the time. DRARA has put in a large submission on the planning application website. A local parking survey still needs to be completed for the hearing.

Update January 2010

New Student Accommodation fails to protect and enhance the Conservation Area – Residents’ amenity will be seriously affected
There is still time to send comments to Oxford City Council before the application goes before committee (probably in April).

Bartlemas Conservtion area

Photo of Bartlemas by Henry Taunt

Thank you for your support last year in signing the petition opposing the proposal by Oriel College to build student accommodation units inside the Bartlemas Conservation Area. DRARA’s evidence was critical to the Planning Inspector making an informed decision and dismissing the proposal at the Planning Appeal last summer.

Oriel College have come back with a revised proposal which will still adversely affect the amenity of local residents and will harm, rather than preserve and enhance, the Conservation Area and precious listed buildings within it.

Bartlemas chapel
Oriel have made some changes and modifications in light of the Planning Appeal decision but the main building block remains largely unchanged.
You can view the scheme and submit comments online via the OCC Planning Website –
Or send comments by email to or write/visit the Planning Department at  Ramsey House, 10 St Ebbes Street, Oxford,OX1 1PT

The original 1st February deadline for the submission of comments or letters on the proposal has now been extended and comments can still be received before the application goes to committee for a decision (probably in April).

DRARA has studied the plans and believes that the proposal should be rejected by the City Council because:

Thank you for your support in helping DRARA protect and enhance the local environment.

Update December 2010


Bartlemas Conservation Area under threat

New student accommodation proposal goes to Planning Appeal

Residents’ amenity will be seriously affected

You have until 18th December to voice your concerns

Oriel College have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to overturn the decision by Oxford City Council to refuse their application for student accommodation blocks inside the Bartlemas Conservation Area. Their proposal is a modification of the one they lost at a previous Planning Appeal in 2009.

The Appeal Hearing will take place sometime between January and March 2011 but residents and objectors have until 18th December to voice their concerns directly to the Planning Inspectorate. We urge you to write and to consider speaking at the hearing against the proposal.

If you wrote to Oxford City Council on this new proposal before it was refused last April your letters will be forwarded and read by the Planning Inspector. But if you want to write to re-emphasise or make new points or objections or to notify the Inspector that you want to speak at the hearing you can do so either via the Planning Inspectorate’s website or by writing to them directly – full details are below.

The Appeal Reference Number you must quote is: APP/G3110/A/10/ 2139703

You can submit comments at

Or by letter (please send three copies) to the address below:

The Planning Inspectorate

Temple Quay House

2 The Square

Temple Quay



You can view the scheme via the OCC Planning Website – link: – application reference number 09/02658/FULL

If you want to speak at the hearing please make this clear in your letter or your comments via the website.

You can access a guide to planning appeal hearings on

DRARA believes that the proposal and Oriel’s appeal should be rejected because:

• Public and private views in and out of the Bartlemas Conservation Areas will be seriously affected and views of the precious listed buildings blocked from houses along Southfield Road which adjoin the development

• The three floored main block will be overbearing to the houses and gardens on lower Southfield Road and on Bartlemas Farmhouse. The western end of the southern pavilion is too high and close to the gardens and houses of lower Southfield Road.

• The accommodation units will result in a loss of privacy for both the houses on lower Southfield Road and on Bartlemas Farmhouse

• The lighting up of the building at night will result in general nuisance and disturbance and will damage the sense of seclusion and isolation of the Conservation Area

• General noise, disturbance and nuisance will occur through having extra students occupying the 31 units.

• There will be the extra burden to the residents of Evelyn Court, Southfield Road and the Conservation Area of additional traffic, car parking and taxis as well as the general noise of students coming and going at all hours of the day and night which will also spill over into the surrounding streets. As is the case with Sinnet Court student accommodation legal agreements to prevent students bringing cars into the area will be un-enforceable.

• The amenity and enjoyment of the views of the listed buildings and character and atmosphere of the Conservation Area as a whole by the many people who visit the chapel for events or just to enjoy the Conservation Area itself will be harmed by this proposal.

• The important sense of seclusion and isolation of the conservation area and the green buffer on its western edge which protects the listed buildings of the rural and medieval hamlet will be undermined.

Leaflet produced and distributed by the Divinity Road Area Residents’ Association.

For further information or advice please contact Richard English on 01865 723323

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