DRARA Open Gardens

When: Sunday 12/6/2016 14:00-18:00

Where: The Divinity Road Area

Behind the rows of terrace houses lies a treasure trove of gardens – from tropical to oriental, English roses to architectural shrubs. Come and explore, bumping into each other as we go from one amazing garden to another.

As a community, this event has become a highlight also for our fund raising activity in the year. Entrance monies will contribute to our donations to the brilliant Cowley Road Carnival. This year, garden hosts will be additionally offering cakes, teas, plants even Pina Coladas (non-alcoholic versions too!), to gather donations towards a number of small but amazing Dementia Charities. So a wonderful opportunity to explore, get ideas and help our community too!
Please invite friends and see you there!

2016-06-12 DRARA Open gardens 2016 poster email