DRARA Just AGMOn a cold but clear evening in October, over 50 members and guests came together at the AGM to review the past year and to discuss the focus of the Residents Association for the year ahead. Martin presented the highlights of the year (his first as Chair), which had the promotion of community cohesion as our main priority. The step-up in communications with the quarterly newsletters and regular emailings, together with a real push to hold more actively inclusive events were all very positively received. So too were DRARA’s efforts to work closely with Brookes University and with the Community Police team and to forge new links this year with the Mosque leadership committee.

The open discussion on our focus for 2014-15 was really useful with many contributions from across the audience. It was helpful also to have our City and County Councillors, Andrea Siret from Brookes, Mohamed Alyas from the Mosque, Sgt Applegarth from our Community police team, and Chris Hulme from the Thames Valley Traffic team. The big message was for us to build on the good achievements of last year in order to create a great sense of community In the coming year our priority will be “taking back the streets with DRARA helping neighbours to get to know each other individually.

The committee met in November to review past achievements and to confirm the main priorities for 2014-15. These are to:

  • Sustain and expand work to support community cohesion

  • To encourage inter generational links

  • To continue efforts to monitor and resolve traffic speed and volume in our area

  • To clarify and highlight HMO (houses with multiple occupancy) issues.

For all of these great ideas to work out, we all need to get involved. If you would like to play a part in making any of these things happen, please contact Clare on secretary@drara.org.uk or any other member of the committee – and watch this space for more on these issues as the year continues.

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