Letter from the Chair of DRARA

Welcome to the website of the Divinity Road Area Residents’ Association (DRARA). Martin Stott

DRARA is an active residents’ association and there are plenty of challenges to keep us all busy.

As Chair I want to see DRARA  focus on understanding and supporting the needs of our diverse community within its clear geographic area. The diversity of the area brings huge benefits, but it would be unrealistic not to acknowledge that it has its challenges as well and fostering   greater inclusion and improved understanding and relationships between all residents will be priority.

DRARA’s work with older people in our community is admired, particularly its ‘dementia friendly’ initiative. We want to supplement this with more engagement, particularly though events (and we have an exciting programme planned for 2014) with young families in the area and by improving relations with students and other short term residents too. Improving our communications by newsletter, a revamp of our website and in the longer term, a new Facebook page and having DRARA on twitter are intended to support this process.

Finally we want to retain our enviable, and envied, capacity to lobby local institutions, leaders  and businesses on topics and issues that impact on our residents and to do so in an informed and constructive manner.

If you have ideas about what DRARA should be doing or if you want to help us build our community do get in touch with any member of the Committee or with me.Olympic Gold Postbox

Very best,

Martin Stott
Chair, DRARA

65 Divinity Road
T: 01865 721482
Twitter: @divinity65
E: martin.stott@talk21.com