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Mon 22/01/2018 :: Meeting: what events we would like to make happen for  DRARA in 2018?


This is an invitation to come along to a relaxed meeting to decide what events we would like to make happen for DRARA this year.

Tam and Clare would like to re-establish more of an “events team” feel to how things work, and so would very much welcome you to come along to share ideas and help plan out how to make it all happen.

See you at 84 Divinity Road, 7.30pm, Mon 22/01/2018 !

Tam and Clare

Living Advent Calendar :: updated calendar, plus photos

The DRARA living advent calendar seems to be a great success. Plenty of really exciting displays for children and adults to tick off from their calendars! I’m sure that the event will be repeated next year, so if you would like to take part please Email Clare Ridley at

Please see the DRARA Christmas living advent calendar at updated 21/12/2017.

Some festive DRARA house photos, not necessarily calendar participants: photos

Happy Christmas!

Christmas 2017 :: a DRARA season of celebration

It’s finally here… the Christmas 2017 DRARA Living Advent Calendar! Every day during December,  solve the clues and see what literally is in each window…

Yes, we have homes across our streets who will unveil a festive display each day of December.

To find the house, you need to solve a simple clue and then head off to explore, find and revel in a bit of festive cheer.

Clue for 1st December: ‘In the south of the lower field, 50 squash is quite a good yield. Lose one and your clue is sealed.’

Check the DRARA website to see clues and print the advent calendar, or I will email you each day with the clue of the day….

If you fancy joining in, we still have 4 slots, just email email Clare Ridley at


The Great Christmas Get Together

Following the huge success in our Meal in the Street, and across the nation, The Great Get Together is launching The Great Christmas Get Together. Seeking to help build and strengthen communities, and especially to reach out to reduce loneliness at this sometimes difficult time of year, we thought it would be wonderful to join in again!  Watch out for more through December on this.

great christmas gettogether

Our main community event is the Christmas Carolling in Little Minster on Dec 19th. Please do link with your neighbours and come together to enjoy warming mince pies, mulled wine and apple juice and a festive singalong!

2017-09-30 :: it’s full speed ahead with this evening’s Film in the Street!

In true DRARA spirit, and because the forecast is changing and improving, it’s full speed ahead with this evening’s Film in the Street!
Everything will be slightly earlier than previously planned, and at 20:10 we will make a final decision on whether to proceed with screening La La Land.
We have gazebos for protecting equipment and the popcorn and refreshments (from 18:00), so come on out and lets have some fun despite the weather! Our friends Horns of Plenty are confirmed so lets keep them company.
Here’s the full revised schedule:
  • 18:00 Road closed for play. Eat popcorn, drink refreshments, meet people.
  • 18:30 Horns of Plenty
  • 19:00 Cartoons
  • 19:30 ‘Reds’ premiere
  • 20:10 La La Land … probably!
See you there!

Sun 21/05/2017 14:00-18:00 :: DRARA Open Gardens

Sun 21  May Open Gardens, 2-6pm, register at Sinnet Court

A wonderful afternoon visiting the amazing gardens of the neighbourhood

Yes, Open Gardens is coming! This is always a brilliant event, when we get the chance to visit and view the fruits of our neighbours hard work.
Be prepared to be inspired with great ideas and swop gardening tips! This is also our main charity fund raising event, so its a great way to enjoy and contribute
Also, there was a date error regarding the DRARA Talks later this month – It is on Tuesday 23rd May


Tue 23/05/2017 19.30 – 21.00 :: DRARA Talk with Community Police Team

The next DRARA Talks will be on Tuesday May 23rd 7.30 – 9.00 pm at the Richard Benson Hall. Sgt Neil Bouse and colleagues from the Community Police Team will come to discuss the concerns and issues that are having an impact on our local community.
The session will cover:
the core role of the Police Service and the local Community Police Team,
what the team does, the role of the PCSOs and constables,
ASB – Cowley Road nigh time economy and student behaviour.
Discussion on the core role of the Community Police Team will give us the opportunity to cover concerns about drug use and update us on child sexual abuse, both issues that have been major concerns.

We would also like to know what you would Neil Bouse and colleagues to consider, so please let Nick Welch know at

Best wishes


Nick Welch, Chair, DRARA