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​Speeding has been a topic of concern to residents for many years.  Recent efforts to reduce speeding have included the creation of pinch points in our roads.  The Council has been monitoring the speed and volume of traffic on Divinity Road with an annual survey.  This is a legacy commitment following the significant consultation and subsequent deliberations that took place as a result of the Headington and Marston Area Transport Strategy (HAMATS) report in 2004.
community speedwatch pic4
At this time, the survey site was set at a point just south of Minster Road. This was because there were no other lower places where cars were parked on only one side of the road (a safety requiement for the survey methodology). Unfortunately, this site coincides with the start (or end point if you are coming down the hill), of a chicane in the road, which inherently slows the traffic in both directions. The location of pinch points further down Divinity Road however, now enables a better survey site.
The objective of conducting a new speed survey, is to collect data from a point on Divinity Road that better captures typical speeds. With this data, we can decide as a community, what action we would like to take to improvespeed management.  Additionally, we may decide to repeat the survey in other parts of our area, to strengthen our research and plan.  Our approach and motives are fully supported by the Police who have already risk assessed the proposed site, and who will also provide a speed gun.
To ensure our data is credible, we need a team of 4 people throughout the survey duration; 2 people to confirm the number plate and speed of the cars passing, and 2 people to write the detail correctly. Further, we should aim to survey the traffic over a 24 hour period to capture the fullest picture of the traffic and speed profile.
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So you can see, we need quite a few people willing to offer their time and support and join the team for some of the 24 hour survey. We haven’t yet set a date. Our thinking is to hold it at some time when the students and schools are back, and ideally before the weather gets too cold! So perhaps, late September, early October…. we can set the date together once we have group of volunteers.
As secretary, I am happy to co-ordinate and of course be involved. We do however, ideally need someone who is prepared and happy to oversee the survey and perhaps pick up looking after Traffic on the DRARA committee. This position is currently vacant.
So please consider getting involved in the survey, and email if you are interested.
Many thanks and looking forward to hearing back from some of you,
Clare Ridley MBE

DRARA Secretary

Peter Marsh

We have to report the sad news that Peter Marsh, a long-term resident of Divinity Road, has died. Peter Marsh was a renowned social psychologist, some of whose many achievements you can read about here.

We send our condolences to his wife, Patricia, whom he married in 1967, their children, Jessica and James, and their two grandchildren, Emily and Finlay.

• Peter Marsh, social psychologist, born 15 September 1946; died 9 June 2014



Freecycle returns and hits the spot!

On a lovely spring sunny afternoon, people shed unwanted goodies from their homes and lots of neighbours walked our roads to pick up new treasures – or at least things of use!  From light bulbs, to a gorgeous curtain to make a matching pair, people had fun finding what might be given away. “I got a new bike and my sister got a stool and badminton Racket!” said Finn aged 10 years.

Our next Freecycle is planned for Sunday 21st September. Let’s hope for good weather then too!


Play in the Street

2014-05-18 15.13.12-1 freec2Last weekend we closed the top of Southfield Road to traffic so that children could enjoy an afternoon playing in the street.

As Theo, one of our local residents, said,

Delighted to see one of our streets is being closed for play. In an ideal world this would happen all day on all Sundays. Maybe Saturdays as well. I’m old enough (ouch!) to remember when all streets were effectively “play streets” and I played marbles in the gutter and defended a goal that was chalked on a gable wall.
I won’t be playing on Sunday – but I will come for a stroll.’ 

Here are some photos, and hope to see more children next year!

Volunteers needed for Oxford Preservation Trust

Oxford Open Doors 2014 is fast approaching and OPT want to make it better than ever.

OPT are looking for a volunteer to help with the administration of Oxford Open Doors to assist our Assistant Director, Jane Baldwin. We are looking for someone to help out for a few days a week in the office.

Join Friends of Warneford Meadow!

FoWM are encouraging DRARA residents to join them.  Membership will make it easier for you keep up to date with news of the Meadow and its management.  Crucially, becoming a member means you are entitled to take part in running FoWM and deciding its future.

The Orchard, Warneford Meadow.  Photograph by Andrew Carter
The Orchard, Warneford Meadow. Photograph by Andrew Carter

The future of the Meadow looks increasingly secure as ownership is expected to pass to Oxford Health NHS Trust who have declared that they intend to develop and maintain the site for the benefit of hospital patients and members of the neighbouring communities.

As a management plan for the Meadow and Orchard is designed and implemented, it will be vital that the views of the neighbourhood should be represented clearly and robustly.  As a member with voting rights you will be able to influence FoWM’s policy in its work with the NHS Trust to secure the Meadow as a shared amenity.

You can read more about the Meadow and how to join FoWM here Membership_Flier_Edited_text_v5_3_12_13
Friends of Warneford Meadow

DRARA Dementia Friendly Neighbourhood Group invites new members

Dementia is a condition affecting an increasing number of adults, including some who have not yet reached retirement age. There are different causes of dementia, the best known being Alzheimer’s disease, but it broadly describes a range of symptoms including memory loss.

We are a group of neighbours trying to raise awareness of dementia and how it affects people in our area. We aim to share information, reduce social isolation and offer support. We also successfully raised £1000 for Music Therapy for people with dementia at Guideposts Trust during the DRARA Open Gardens 2013.

If you or someone close to you are concerned that you may be affected by memory problems, the first thing to do is to make an appointment to see your GP, as the earlier help is sought, the better. The memory clinic, where you may be referred for assessment, is conveniently close for our area at the Warneford Hospital.

If you would like to contact or join us:

Here are some other useful contacts

DementiaWeb Oxfordshire:

Oxfordshire Dementia Information Line: 0844 887 0005 or 01235 849400


YoungDementia  Supporting people and their families affected by young onset dementia (under 65) to live well.

Oxfordshire County   follow the links at the bottom of the page for Adult Social Care and/or Carers. Regardless of your income, the council has a duty to assess anyone who may be in need of support and this can be helpful.