Environmental Crime

The Environmental Enforcement Team wishes us to publicise the fact that the Council takes environmental crime extremely seriously, and encourages all residents to report infringements.  They are committed to tackling any problems that arise – taking an educational approach in the first instance – and enforcement measures if necessary.

For noise, rubbish, etc complaints you can email saferoxford@oxford.gov.uk
For out of hours noise complaints, call 01875 249811 and follow the options.
For queries about HMO licenses email hmoapplication@oxford.gov.uk.

However any incidents of environmental crime can be reported directly to the Environmental Enforcement Team, which falls within the Environmental Development department of Oxford City Council.  The team will take reports of such environmental issues as:

  • dumped waste
  • fly tipping
  • excess waste in gardens
  • poor presentation of waste (overflowing bins, inappropriately used)
  • littering
  • dog fouling
  • graffiti
  • criminal damage

If you would like to submit a report, you may do so via the online “Report it” section of the City’s Council’s website (below), or alternatively, you may contact the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team – on

Telephone: 01865 249811 – ask for department

Email: enforcement@oxford.gov.uk

Click here “Report It” and you’ll see this section in the “Do it online” column on the Home Page of the Oxford City Council website.