Street gardening

Tree pits prototype

Well here it is!  The superb prototype wooden frame for surrounding the tree pits, expertly constructed by George – who opted to take the photo rather than pose – and ably installed and shown off here by Maggie and Anna.

On Saturday 13th October a group installed the others in Southfield Road.  And next year 2013, probably in the spring, the frames will be added to the tree pits in Divinity Road.

Guerilla Gardening April 2012

It was a fine day at the end of April 2013, when a group of local residents armed with compost, trowels and plants set to work on the tree pits in Divinity and Southfield Roads, as you can see from this sunny photo. And we all appreciate the results!

Many thanks to Sylvesters of Magdalen Road for their generosity in minimizing our bill. And thank you also to Jane and Nick for the use of their garage/driveway.