University contacts and liaison

Brookes have two full-time members of staff dedicated to community liaison.  You can contact Andrea Siret, Community Liaison Manager  at  Brookes,  on 01865 484428  or

For Sinnet Court you can contact the manager, Amanda Green, on 01865 202377 or  The 24-hour duty warden can be reached on 077860 962015.

Brookes meetings with Representatives of the Residents’ Associations:  Brookes holds these meetings three times a year. If you wish to raise an issue please contact the DRARA rep, Karen Metcalfe.  The minutes of the most recent meeting can be downloaded here:  CRO November 2014 Newsletter Semester 1 final Draft

Student Community Wardens: the Brookes student community wardens started work in late November 2011.   Brookes have increased the number of student wardens from six to thirteen. Six of them work in the Cowley Road North area which includes DRARA. There are four  in the Cowley Road South and three in the Gipsy Lane areas.   If you wish to raise an issue for the student community wardens please contact Andrea Siret (address above), or email

Oxford University also started a scheme for student community wardens in April 2012.   Four student wardens work  in East Oxford near the Plain (but not in the DRARA area) and they liaise with the Brookes wardens.

The Student Wardens work in collaboration with the City Council and the Thames Valley Police. They have been trained in the House Champion Scheme which is run by the City Council’s Community Response Team.

Meetings between DRARA and  student leaders : useful meetings are now taking place twice a year  between representatives of DRARA and Brookes and Oxford University  student leaders, including David Whittingham, the  chief executive  of  Brookes University Students  Union.

Student Numbers: as reported in the local press, Oxford City Council is investigating the number of students from both Brookes and Oxford Universities who are living in privately rented accommodation. The number permitted in the Local Plan is 3,000 students for each university, but there is strong evidence to suggest that the real number is much higher than this. See Student Accommodation, HMOs and Planning