East Oxford Community Archaeology Project

Evidence of medieval field earthworks
South Park still showing evidence of medieval field earthworks

A project designed to uncover the fascinating historic landscapes of East Oxford – from the earliest prehistoric to the most recent – and to enable local people to do the detective work.  Take advantage of free training and on-the-job teaching to become involved in geophysics, garden archaeology, all aspects of excavation, investigating old maps or recording standing buildings – all in the East Oxford area.

1827, Lithograph by Whittock
St Clements Baths, 1827 Lithograph by Whittock

Events begin in earnest into 2010 but we are beginning to get underway in the next few months.

Follow the link to learn more about the project and local archaeology.  Register to keep up-to-date with events.  We are at the very beginning of this exciting journey so we want to hear what interests you about the past of your area and which skills you woul dlike to learn.  See www.archeox.net for further details and to contact the team.