Traffic Volumes and Parking Surveys

We carried out two surveys in July and October 2006 to assess the difference in the number of cars parked in our street both within and outside the academic term.

This is what we found.

Traffic Volumes: In July the total number of journeys through the DRARA area at morning and evening peak times totalled 1613. In October, the total number of journeys was 2329, an increase in traffic volumes of 44 per cent.Traffic data comparison

Parking Analysis: We worked from the assumption that car registrations logged at both 7 am and 7 pm belong to residents. Cars that were registered from 10am and logged through the day until 4pm belonged to commuters who were using our streets for work parking.

We found that the number of residents’ cars recorded in July was 280. In October, this increased to 551 – almost double the number – a figure which reflects the massive impact student cars have on our area. Parking Analysis

There is also a serious problem with commuter parking in Hill-Top Road.