Speed watch event

Eighteen DRARA residents turned out through the afternoon and evening on Thursday to snap potential speeders and to raise awareness of traffic issues in the DRARA area. Most drivers slowed dramatically as they reached our camera and signs, and eagerly vied for the right to give way to one another – we’ve never seen such slow, polite traffic!speedwatchers

Sgt Neil Applegarth from Cowley Neighbourhood Team said: “Thames Valley Police already conducts regular speed checks in the East Oxford area, but members of the Divinity Road Area Residents Association (DRARA) have always been keen to do more to ensure the 20 mph speed limit is enforced. The Force doesn’t have the resources to be in East Oxford conducting speed checks every day, but it’s great that the residents want to tackle the issue themselves.

“With the support of Thames Valley Police, they have organised Oxford’s first Community Speed Watch initiative. The Force has supplied the equipment for DRARA to use and any drivers caught by the residents will be sent a letter by police.

“This is about educating the drivers who continue to break the speed limit and capturing intelligence and it’s very positive that the residents are taking such a proactive approach to dealing with this problem. I look forward to working with them and supporting the Community Speed Watch as it goes on.”

A warm thank you to Sgt Applegarth for organising the equipment, to Mary Chesshyre, the DRARA Committte member for Traffic and Clare Ridley, DRARA Secretary, for organising the event, and to the students who came out to offer hot drinks!  Two Brookes Student Wardens and our City and County Councillors came to experience first hand the traffic we encounter every day. A press photographer joined us, so look out for articles in the Oxford Mail and Times.

We’ll give a full update at the Public Meeting on 24th Feb and also in the next Newsletter.

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