Traffic survey 2014-15

DRARA is committed to working with Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire County Council to address the problem of speeding traffic in the roads in this area. There are four items to alert you to.

1.Traffic survey

NEW! Data to download traffic survey data.

Oxfordshire County Council working with DRARA carried out a survey in November 2014 to collect data on volume and speed of traffic in Divinity Road, Southfield Road, Hill Top Road and Stone Street. (This follows an earlier survey carried out in 2013 which, because of the positioning of the equipment, did not give anything like a true picture of what residents actually experience particularly in Divinity Road and Southfield Road).

2014-03-13 14.42.56

We were advised to get this latest traffic survey done before embarking on our other work to raise drivers’ awareness of their inappropriate driving in these roads, namely more visible signage and community Speedwatch operations, in order to get an initial  ‘worst case’ picture. However, we do not really have this worst case picture: the positioning of the cameras was still problematic in this latest survey as they have to be fixed to street furniture that is managed by the council and where their view is not obstructed by parked vehicles, which leaves few options. But we do now have data that shows us the number of vehicles travelling in both directions over 24 hours in the roads surveyed over a period of one week, and a record of speeds. A first look at the data shows us that over a third of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit even at the points where the cameras were positioned, which were not necessarily the parts of the road where vehicles travel fastest. A detailed analysis of the data will be presented at a public meeting in late February (see below).

The following two items are where you can help and get involved:

  1. Slow down and think, etc.

We now have a range of large signs (‘slow down’, ‘it’s 20 for a reason’, etc.) that can be attached with cable ties to lamp posts along Divinity Road and Southfield Road which, given that the signage at the moment is at best poor and at worst invisible, should help to raise awareness of the speed limit here and to encourage safer and more considerate driving.

Please could you let me know if you could come and help with putting up signs on Sunday 8 February, morning or afternoon: tell me your preference and I’ll sort out definite timings.

  1. Community Speedwatch

With the support of our neighbourhood police officers, we are organising the first community speedwatch operation in Oxford. The first of these operations will be on Thursday, 12 February between 3.30 and 7.30 pm, a busy time where the impact of our operation should be high. The aim is, firstly, to draw drivers’ attention to their speed and, secondly, for the police to contact drivers who break the speed limit.

community speedwatch pic4

We need 4 or 5 volunteers at any one time during the four-hour period, who will be trained ‘on the job’ and supported by a police officer.

Lots of you are already signed up to help with this; if you can take part on that date could you let me know, and say which time you would be available? We will divide the time into hour-long slots, so 3.30-4.30 pm, 4.30-5.30 pm, and so on.

  1. Public Meeting

Come to the DRARA public meeting on 24 February at 7 pm at the Golf Club in Hill Top Road for a look at the results of the traffic survey, hear a report on the Speedwatch operation, and discuss next steps.

Please contact me with your offers of help with (1) putting up signs on 8 Feb and/or (2) the community Speedwatch on 12 Feb at:
Mary Chesshyre
DRARA Committee – Traffic lead

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